Playlisting & Strategy

We are also experts in playlisting, regularly securing the inclusion of our artists’ music across Spotify, Apple and other major DSPs. Our pitches have ended up with our clients on Spotify: Classical New Releases (606k+ listeners), Spotify: New Music Friday (3.8M+ listeners), Classical Sleep (398k+ listeners), Classical Essentials (2.4M+), as well as the Frontpage of Apple Music, A ‘Super-Room’ partnership, The A-List: Classical and many others.

Since we are able to work with such a range of artists and composers, from those signed to major labels to those releasing independently, we have developed a renowned release strategy for all of our release campaigns. From singles to EPs, albums to vinyl, WildKat is proud to offer release strategies to our artists to give a helping hand on the most effective way to release music to audiences internationally.

Case Study

Thomas Farnon

How did we establish a profile for Thomas as a classical composer?

Thomas wanted to establish a profile in the classical music industry with his debut classical album, “Solace”. WildKat advised on his release strategy and created a bespoke campaign that would first establish a profile, ensure a steady flow of content to maintain it, and also focus on his digital presence, building up his profile on digital streaming platforms and increasing monthly listeners.

As an incredibly successful film composer, who is looking to work on more contemporary classical projects and commissions, WildKat ran a highly successful PR campaign, securing single premieres on BBC Radio 3 and NTS pre-release, video premiere on Son of Marketing, Classical Music Magazine full-page feature, and Monocle24 radio interview with Thomas. This went hand in hand with our specialist classical playlisting service:


87,000 monthly listeners reached


5,000% increase in streams in the first month


125,000 monthly listens 3-months into the campaign, up from 800 at the beginning

1 Million+

Over 1 million streams within twelve months


Worked on back-catalogue to secure post-release playlisting