Social Media

WildKat has a social media manager in every territory, working alongside our in-house design team to create engaging content for social media followers internationally. We are flexible with all of our campaigns. With social media, we can cover everything from idea generation of content all the way to writing the copy and scheduling posts, plus analysing their success, or we can work with an in-house team on specific elements.

Whether it’s a series of branded images and videos to countdown to your album release, designing adverts around your live stream, or even setting up your YouTube channel, WildKat’s expert teams are on hand to create moments to share far and wide.

Case Study

Alexandre Kantorow

WildKat has worked with Alexandre Kantorow since April 2022. Our team of digital marketing and social media experts are responsible for managing his digital presence and working on expanding his audience on Facebook and Instagram.

By posting regularly with best practices and including as much high-quality content as possible, we have achieved over 17,000 new followers since the start of our campaign and over 100,000 engagements (likes, comments and shares) on posts, at a rate over double the industry standard.

We manage his Facebook and Instagram channels and run paid advertising campaigns throughout the year.

WildKat has delivered the following services:

  • Idea generation for ongoing organic social media content 
  • Organic social media – creating a strategy for the year, writing posts and generating engaging content alongside targeted ads in specific territories requested by the client
  • Communications – With no on-the-ground team to capture content, it was our responsibility to organise this with venues, orchestras and various collaborators to post on social media
  • Content creation and design – Creating content and optimising provided content for social media, with photo and video editing 
  • Community management – Responding to followers’ comments and messages
  • Account management – Using our industry knowledge and contacts, we were able to get his Instagram account verified


17,000 New Followers – We increased followers by over 115% since the start of our work in April 2022, by using social media best practices and posting consistently

2 Million People – Reached through our posts on social media channels

108,000 Engagements – The amount of likes, comments and shares that our posts received, with a rate that was over double the industry average!

Target audience – With the client’s focus being on expanding in the UK, France, Germany South Korea and Japan, these locations contain 40% of Facebook followers