15th March: Isabel Leonard, Angel Blue & the Metropolitan Opera Win Grammy Awards, Afghanistan: Government lifts ban on girls singing, Resignation of Joëlle Kerivin, director of La Folle Journée

Monday 15th March '21

Isabel Leonard, Angel Blue & the Metropolitan Opera Win Grammy AwardsThe Metropolitan Opera won the 2021 Grammy Award for Best Opera Recording.The company won for its recording of “Porgy and Bess” which was conducted by …

20th September: Classical Pianist replaces concert halls with the outdoors and Belgian oud player helps refugees preserve musical culture

Thursday 20th September '18

Today's Classical News Round-Up Belgian builds musical bridge across the Bosphorus Belgian musician Tristan Driessens found his inspiration and his calling east of the Bosphorus, becoming one of the West's few masters of the oud and of …

Racoons and Cultural Diplomacy at the Cliburn

Wednesday 7th June '17

Following a wonderful party at Fort Worth Zoo yesterday evening (including appearances from flamingos, baby racoons, and a skunk), first on the menu this morning was a fascinating symposium on Cultural Diplomacy.  After Stuart Isacoff’s …

After the Taliban: Music in Afghanistan

Wednesday 16th December '15

The Taliban's acts of cultural vandalism and the war in Afghanistan had a devastating effect on Afghan culture. As well as imprisoning musicians, film makers and artists, they also burned films, CDs books and paintings. …