Out now! Yury Kunets releases third album Reflection

Friday 28th June '19

Today, Russian composer Yury Kunets has released his new album "Reflection" with the Munich Symphony Orchestra and the help of an award-winning team!In his work, Kunets combines elements of classical, jazz and pop music. Melodic …

WildKat welcomes new client Yury Kunets

Wednesday 11th July '18

Wir freuen uns sehr auf unsere kommende Zusammenarbeit mit dem russischen Komponisten und Pianisten Yury Kunets.Als gefeierter Komponist lässt sich Yury Kunets von den Welten der Klassik-, Jazz- und Popmusik inspirieren, um vielfältige und inspirierende …

WildKat’s New Noted Innovation Fellowship

Tuesday 13th January '15

WildKat PR are delighted to announce the launch of an exciting and innovative new scheme heralded by our founder Kathleen Alder. The Noted Innovation Fellowship focuses on providing support to talented 22-35 year olds with …

Industry Idols – Christopher Alder

Wednesday 10th November '10

This week’s Industry Idols interviewee is Christopher Alder, the Grammy-award-winning freelance music producer and former executive producer of Deutsche Grammophon.What are the first, most important steps a young artist needs to take when they embark on their …