13th August: classical hoaxes, Ibiza Prom success, Birmingham Conservatoire satisfaction soars

Thursday 13th August '15

Classical News In today's news, the best classical music hoaxes, BBC Ibiza Prom is most downloaded and Birmingham Conservatoire tops student satisfaction ratings. Also, violinist Lynn Blakeslee has died. The Guardian Don't believe your ears: the best classical music …

9th July: royal harpist replaced, Facebook streaming service planned, unseen letter by Mendelssohn is displayed

Thursday 9th July '15

Classical News In today's news, Prince Charles' royal harpist is replaced and Facebook is planning its own streaming service. Also, an unseen letter by Mendelssohn is displayed in Cambridge and Friedemann Weigle has died aged 53. Royal harpist …

7th July: Classical artists have got the notes — now they need the biceps, only snobs object to a Pete Tong Prom, says BBC presenter, and music critic Edward Greenfield has died

Tuesday 7th July '15

Classical News In today's news BBC Radio 3's Suzy Klein dismisses criticism of Pete Tong's Ibiza celebration at the BBC Proms and World Service is set to broadcast seven of the Proms concerts this season. Tom Service …

24th April: The BBC Proms go clubbing, why we’re bringing back the ‘murderer-composer’ Carlo Gesualdo and Richard Morrison: ‘Britain has enough pop festivals. The Proms must celebrate classical music’

Friday 24th April '15

Classical News In today's news we read the reaction to the announcement of the BBC Proms 2015 season. While some focus on the best Proms to attend others look to the newer additions to the programme …