Films and music – who knew?

Tuesday 12th May '15

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25th November: El Sistema: does reality match the rhetoric? Joo Yeon Sir wins £4,000 Karl Jenkins prize and Mayor Boris encourages advocacy for music education.

Tuesday 25th November '14

Classical News TelegraphEl Sistema: does reality match the rhetoric?A new in-depth study paints a negative picture of El Sistema, the Venezuelan programme of musical and social education, devised by José Antonio Abreu, that is now being …

Rachmaninov manuscript goes under the hammer, James Levine beats paralysis, and Handel’s gift to the poor of London

Thursday 17th April '14

The GuardianSergei Rachmaninov symphony manuscript to go under the hammerSotheby's estimates 320-page document detailing composer's second symphony will fetch up to £1.5m at auction in MayThe TelegraphJames Levine: 'I doubted I'd ever make it back'America's …

29th January: Another stolen Stradivarius, Man dressed as Mozart for Super Bowl media, and string quartet pecking order revealed

Wednesday 29th January '14

BBC NewsHidden hierarchy in string quartets revealedScientists have come up with a way to reveal the pecking order within a string quartetMilwaukee Journal Sentinel'Priceless' Stradivarius violin stolen in armed robbery in MilwaukeeA 300-year-old Stradivarius violin …

9th January: Early age classical music listening improves social skills and listening skills, and BAFTA Music nominees are revealed

Thursday 9th January '14

The IndependentFormer violin teacher Chris Ling may be extradited from US over historical sex abuse allegationsA former violin teacher wanted over historical sex abuse allegations at a music school may be extradited from the US, …