South Korean sounds reissued in Berlin

Friday 30th August '19

Based on historical recordings presented through various media, including 16mm film installation, sound installation, video and photography, South Korean artist Youngho Lee sheds light on the development of the musical "rhythm" of the city of …

Installation Artist creates an Architectural Utopia

Thursday 2nd May '19

South Korean artist Dai Goang Chen shows a vision of the future in which all installation elements are modelled based on the concept of Yin and Yang and the Wu Xing"In The View from Mount …

Overcoming Boundaries With The Arts

Monday 4th February '19

Overcoming Boundaries With The ArtsSouth Korea and Iran create cultural exchange between East and West Asia by exploring each countries’ traditions and history of calligraphy."When the Korean alphabet Hangeul meets the Persian scriptures Alef-ba, …

Welcome Korean Cultural Centre!

Friday 20th April '18

– “Artistic work is only a pretext for becoming free, and it may be that it is not completely possible in this world to have freedom. In art and in fiction, I can do what …