16th December: Music education in schools is suffering, Overlooked arts and culture scene needs quick help, World of culture mobilised in Bastille

Wednesday 16th December '20

Music education in schools is suffering, Ofsted report confirmsAn Ofsted report published today on education in schools has further confirmed the damaging impacts of COVID-19 on music learning. Based on 297 one-day visits carried out by …

Installation Artist creates an Architectural Utopia

Monday 1st July '19

Up until 6th July 2019, The Korean Cultural Center Berlin will present "The View from Mount Sumeru" by South Korean artist Dai Goang Chen. This architectural experiment covers five spaces each decorated with a different theme, …

13th May: 200th birthday gala for Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, Arts Council England opens second cohort for environmental programme and Dresden Music Festival pays homage to the Bauhaus movement

Monday 13th May '19

The Coburg Connection: celebratory gala marks 200th birthdays of Queen Victoria & Prince Albert The Royal Choral Society and the Coburg Philharmonic Orchestra are to join forces for a concert to celebrate the bicentenaries of Queen …

28th September: Ilker Arcayürek wins Wolf Lieder Prize, Grand Rapids at ArtPrize & Elbipolis teams up with DJ Brezel Göring

Wednesday 28th September '16

Classical News In today's news, Turkish-Austrian tenor Ilker Arcayürek wins Wolf Lieder Prize, Grand Rapids Symphony brings classical music with modern twist to ArtPrize, and techno takes over as the Hamburg Baroque Orchestra, Elbipolis, teams up …

Impressionen der Frankfurter Buchmesse

Tuesday 20th October '15

Auch dieses Jahr konnten Besucher der Frankfurter Buchmesse fünf Tage lang viele neue Ideen, Bücher und Trends kennen lernen. Vom 14. bis zum 18. Oktober konnten Interessierte und Handelnde über Geschichten aus aller Welt staunen …

12th January: Conductor Chaslin went on strike at Israeli Opera, why Beethoven has got cardiologists’ hearts racing, philharmonic hall of Paris will open 14th of January

Monday 12th January '15

Classical News Guardian Ice and fire: the classical music scene in Iceland Iceland’s composers and musicians are busy breaking down the barriers between classical and popular genres. And now they have a spanking new concert hall to experiment …