Ghost Coast Choir release eclectic choral debut album

Thursday 11th March '21

Ghost Coast Choir, created by Scandinavian duo Gustav Rasmussen and Thorben Seierø, release its self-titled debut album todayThe album comprises harmonic voices from a collaboration with the choir Ensemble Edge, whose vocals are contrasted by …

‘Gifts From Crows’ to release evocative debut album next month

Tuesday 12th January '21

Created during the tumultuous year of 2020, Gifts From Crows is a collection of resplendent piano pieces and reflective mythical gifts, aimed at soothing the soul in an era of uncertainty.The debut album from …

9th October: Dresdner Sinfoniker recieve special honour, ‘Make Some Noise Campaign’ raises over £3.5million

Monday 9th October '17

In today's news: Winehouse charity helps young singers with chronic health conditions, 'Make Some Noise Campaign' raises over £3.5million, and Sweden to hold women-only festival. The Lincoln Center is scaling down it’s renovation plans. The …

WildKat PR welcomes back Dmitry Masleev

Monday 11th September '17

We are always thrilled when artists return to us to promote their exciting new projects. This is the case with Dmitry Masleev, one of the most promising, rising piano talents of our time. This is …

Andrew James Johnson announces debut album release

Monday 14th August '17

WildKat PR is very pleased to be working with composer and pianist Andrew James Johnson on his upcoming album release and concert, following the launch of his new brand.Olivia Brown, Head of Creative Strategy and Marketing, says: "Working …

Welcoming Aleah Morrison-Basu

Thursday 2nd June '16

WildKat PR are delighted to announce our new client Aleah Morrison-Basu!Aleah is a multi-instrumentalist and composer with a unique approach to music which emerged from her many experiences and diverse background. Growing up speaking multiple …

International Jazz Day: Focus on Michael Chillingworth & Kenneth Dahl Knudsen

Friday 29th April '16

Saturday will be the the 6th International Jazz Day celebrating jazz and its diplomatic role of uniting people in all corners of the globe. The day was initiated by UNESCO.This brings us to focus on our Jazz clients …