Charlie Grey and Joseph Peach to release new album, Spiorachas – A High Place

Wednesday 4th August '21

Scottish Duo Charlie Grey and Joseph Peach to release their invigorating new album Spiorachas - A High Place, on October 1stFiddle player Charlie Grey and Pianist Joseph Peach will be unearthing and building upon Scottish …

Thomas Farnon’s new single ‘Protest’ out today

Friday 13th November '20

The single is an emotional orchestral anthem and a tribute to everyone who is fighting for what they believe in‘Protest’ is a poignant, apolitical piece from composer Thomas Farnon, exploring unification and the passion that …

WildKat welcomes Aparté!

Thursday 29th October '20

A classical French label that places perfection at the centre!The creation of Nicolas Bartholomée's classical French label, Aparté was driven by a profound desire to raise the standards of recording and sound processing, in a …

WildKat welcomes Supriya Nagarajan!

Tuesday 20th October '20

An evocative spiritual artist and composer!Indian artist and composer, Supriya Nagarajan has emerged on the scene with the release of her debut album this year, co-created with composer, Duncan Chapman and inspired by a National …

WildKat welcomes Simeon Walker!

Tuesday 22nd September '20

A resplendent pianist and composer!Yorkshire pianist & composer Simeon Walker has quickly emerged as a leading light in the burgeoning Modern Classical scene, following the release of his his debut full length album ‘Mono'. …

WildKat welcomes composer and pianist Katharina Nohl!

Monday 31st August '20

We are looking forward to working with composer and pianist Katharina Nohl!Katharina was born in the DDR and studied musicology in England and Italy. Her works reflect her artistic openness, which Nohl shapes with various …

WildKat welcomes composer David Chesky and his forthcoming album, “The Abreu Danzas”

Friday 28th August '20

Three-time Grammy nominee David Chesky has earned great respect for his fresh and unique approach to musical compositions, which span the jazz and classical genres. Captivating audiences around the world, The New York Times raves, “Chesky combines …

Composer Jaap Nico Hamburger to release ‘Chamber Symphonies Nos 1 and 2’ with Leaf Music

Wednesday 26th August '20

WildKat Welcomes Leaf Music and Composer Jaap Nico Hamburger, who is releasing two stirring symphonies that underscore human resilience in the face of warCanadian Composer Jaap Nico Hamburger will release Chamber Symphonies Nos 1 and …

Enter ‘The Gates of the Twilight Zone’ – The New ‘Anti-Classical’ Album by 19’40”

Monday 22nd June '20

An 'Anti-classical' introduction to Bernard Herrmann's musical world of 'The Twilight Zone'19'40" is an Italian 'anti-classical' 'recording series' which brings to their listeners a personal collection of music for people with similar passions. Created by …

WildKat Welcomes Composer, Conductor, and Musician Meena Ysanne

Wednesday 27th May '20

WildKat Welcomes Composer, Conductor, and Musician Meena YsanneWildKat is thrilled to welcome composer, conductor, and musician Meena Ysanne.A fixture in the NYC, LA and London entertainment communities, Meena Ysanne is widely known for her prolific …

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